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About Us

CHEWS is a brand focused on wearing and owning your words. We make custom and one of a kind items featuring different words or phrases hidden under an unassuming flap. When you lift the flap, the phrase or word of choice is revealed.





this brand is not here to be glamorous, it’s here to show the realness of everyday life and our messy moments. Getting ketchup on your shirt after eating an amazing burger is one of life’s greatest arts. 


Wearing Your Words


honesty is the biggest value of chews. there are so many strong feelings we have under the surface, what if we showed some of those to the people around us? would they understand us more? chews is about giving you the power to share what you choose when you choose and with whom you choose.



you are the coolest you that there is - capitalize on that. Say what you wanna say, wear what you wanna wear, act in the way that is most unique and specific to you, and let us help you create things that show your most authentic self.

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